[Answered] Does Ace Hardware Hire Felons in the USA?

Ace Hardware is a retailer that many people rely on for home improvement supplies.

However, some may be wondering if the Ace Hardware company hires felons.

Here, we will explore Ace Hardware’s stance on felony hiring and provide some useful tips for those with a criminal history who are interested in working at this establishment.

Ace Hardware has over 4,600 stores nationwide. Some of the bigger Ace Hardships like “Ace Hardware” and “True Value Hardware” have multiple locations in one area.

Each store hires its own employees with different requirements for each position. However, most applications will not be accepted without a high school diploma or GED.

With some exceptions, applicants must be able to use hand and power tools and have a solid understanding of basic carpentry, plumbing, electrical work and mechanical repairs.

The hiring process at Ace Hardware does not cost the applicant or employer anything. Applicants can apply online or do so in person at their local stores.

As of 2022, Ace Hardware is hiring full-time and part-time employees for all positions.

The majority of Ace Hardware stores require applicants to complete an in-person interview at their location. Applicants can expect to fill out some basic paperwork, talk about job opportunities with the store manager and meet several other potential co-workers.

As of 2022, starting pay at Ace Hardware is between $9.00 and $11 per hour, with pay depending on the chosen position. Employees get an average of 40 hours of work each week. Ace Hardware offers a limited number of benefits to full-time employees, including health insurance, paid sick time, paid personal time off and retirement plan options.

Ace Hardware has a company culture that employees have described as “fun,” even though they can work exhaustive hours. When one of the four founders of Ace Hardware was asked about his favorite part of working for Ace, he said it was the people who come into the stores and how friendly they are.

What is Ace Hardware?
Ace Hardware is a retailer of hardware and home improvement, serving more than 900 communities across the United States. Customers can find stores in their neighborhood as well as online for convenient shopping at anytime. Ace Hardware began operating in 1924 and offers over 140,000 different products from hundreds of national brands as well as a wide selection of exclusive.

Does Ace Hardware Hire Felons in 2022

Ace Hardware currently hires felons who are freed from prison or jail. If you are free, your criminal history can not prevent you to work for Ace Hardware in USA.

They may consider if the job is sensitive to the nature of the crime committed. If so, they might perform a further background check and/or interview.

Ace Hardware has a big hiring pool and they might also consider ex-offenders with no criminal background because of their competitive pricing, great customer service and wide inventory.

Ace Hardware Hiring Procedures

Before applying to any job at Ace Hardware, you need to know that they always will do an employment verification for everyone new to their company.

The reason why they are doing this is because of security reasons. Don’t be surprised if you are asked about your current employment status, past employers’ information, job position at previous jobs, salary history and contact details of your supervisor or manager during the interview.

This information will be needed by the store managers so they can check you when you are in the job.

The following information might be asked when applying for a retail associate position:

• GED or high school diploma

• College degree and major, if any

• Availability of previous employment verification from previous employers

• Your past work experience as a retail associate, your responsibilities and accomplishments at those jobs

• Skills and abilities to be able to work in the job you are applying for

• Your references, including name, address and phone number

Every store manager can make his/her own hiring decision. Make sure that your application is filled out accurately because it might affect what they think of you. The store manager also needs to know about whether or not you are eligible to work in the US.

They will never hire you if your application is incomplete or inaccurate. They also need to know about your skills, abilities and qualifications for the job. You might be asked about your availability during an interview, depending on how far you are from the store location where they are hiring people.

Can I get a job at ACE hardware as a convicted Felon?

Ace Hardware does hire felons, but the company has a few restrictions in place. For example, felony convictions for violence or drug-related crimes are typically not allowed. How to go about getting a job at Ace Hardware if you are a felon.

Felons can apply for jobs at Ace Hardware on the company’s website, by submitting a résumé and application.

What are the benefits of working at Ace Hardware?
There are many benefits to working at Ace Hardware, including the following:

• A rewarding career in retail;

• The opportunity to provide top-notch customer service;

• Career advancement opportunities;

• More than 20 different job titles. (Source)

The bottom line: Ace Hardware has a history of hiring employees with a wide range of backgrounds and is committed to qualify, dependable workforce that adds value to the company.

Does Ace Hardware Hire Felons? Yes! If you have been working on changing your life around and are looking for a job, it may be worth your time to check out an Ace Hardware Branch. Overall, Ace Hardware is a good company to work for if you are looking for employment.

Conclusion: Ace Hardware may also hire felons those with criminal records if the candidate has a strong work ethic and can show potential for success in their new career at Ace Hardware.

It is also important to note that some states don’t allow convicted felons from working within certain industries such as retail or food service, so this may be another factor when considering employment opportunities after serving time.

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