Let the restoring begin. This website was formerly used by the Government of Iceland, for the Ministry of Health. After 2011, it became Ministry of Welfare, Velferðarráðuneytið

As an former official government department, Health was responsible for public health and prevention, including radiation; health care; hospital and healthcare; health care in nursing homes; rehabilitation and treatment institutions; medicines and medical equipment; qualification in health care and legalization of titles in health care. The ministry is also a health and accident insurance and social security patients. These duties are now the portfolio of the Ministry of Welfare.

The site had staff contacts, news about their programs, many posts of laws and regulations for their programs, information you can now find at the Ministry of Welfare.

The ministry also handles licensing of physicians and allied health professions, including pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians, opticians, alcohol and drug counselors, ambulance workers, social workers, doctors, nurses, podiatrists, medical secretaries, medical massage, radiographers, food technicians, food chemists, prosthetists, chiropractors, naturalists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, dental hygenists, biomedical scientists, nutritian consultants, dentists, midwives, nutrition operating engineers, dental technicians, osteopaths and psychologists.

These are the typical duties of a Ministry of Health (or now, Ministry of Welfare):

  • Scheduling and Development
    Comprehensive health care, quality control, information technology and other development projects within the health service.
  • Finance
    Budget Work health, planning and monitoring of the implementation of the budget in agencies of the Ministry.
  • Prevention
    Issues pertaining to preventive health care services such as alcohol, tobacco and prevention of drug abuse.
  • Health and hospital
    Issues relating to the operation and services of clinics and hospitals, along with the relationship between the different services.
  • Evaluation
    Control of supply, quality, safety, service and cost of drugs.
  • Legal issues
    Preparation of draft legislation, placing regulations and other administrative ministry along with the interpretation of the legal rules in force.
  • The Elderly
    Issues such as the elderly nursing homes, residential care and assessment of the need for services.

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